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The Great War is a 26 episode documentary series from 1964 on World War I. It was a co-production involving the resources of the Imperial War Museum, the British Broadcasting Corporation, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. The main narrator was Michael Redgrave, with additional readings by Marius Goring, Ralph Richardson, Cyril Luckham, Sebastian Shaw, and Emlyn Williams.

Each episode is approximately 40 minutes long.
Episode 1: On the Idle Hill of Summer...

Episode 2: For Such a Stupid Reason Too

Episode 3: We Must Hack Our Way Through

Episode 4: Our Hats We Doff to General Joffre

Episode 5: This Business May Last a Long Time

Episode 6: So Sleep Easy in Your Beds

Episode 7: We Await the Heavenly Manna

Episode 8: Why Don't You Come and Help?

Episode 9: Please God Send Us Victory

Episode 10: What Are Our Allies Doing?

Episode 11: Hell Cannot Be So Terrible

Episode 12: For Gawd's Sake Don't Send Me

Episode 13: The Devil Is Coming

Episode 14: All This It Is Our Duty to Bear

Episode 15: We Are Betrayed, Sold, Lost

Episode 16: Right Is More Precious Than Peace

Episode 17: Surely We Have Perished

Episode 18: Fat Rodzyanko Has Sent Me Some Nonsense

Episode 19: The Hell Where Youth and Laughter Go

Episode 20: Only War, Nothing But War

Episode 21: It Was Like the End of the World

Episode 22: Damn Them, Are They Never Coming In?

Episode 23: When Must the End Be?

Episode 24: Allah Made Mesopotamia... and Added Flies

Episode 25: The Iron Thrones Are Falling

Episode 26: And We Were Young

The series, unparalleled at the time for its depth of research, range of source material and historical accuracy - all presented in a sequence of clear narratives - is now considered one of the finest achievements of BBC documentary. Many of the interviewed participants in the First World War were still relatively young - only in their sixties - and their memories are still fresh, vivid and disconcertingly frank, giving the series an honesty and a sense of charting still recent history. For that and many other reasons, it remains arguably the definitive television account of the First World War.
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