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People I Know is a drama film which was directed by Daniel Algrant and stars Al Pacino, Kim Basinger, and Téa Leoni. It was released on October 11, 2002.

Eli Wurman (Al Pacino) is a publicist on the out, but all he knows is how to hustle and cajole, threaten and persuade. The hazy mania of his everyday life is fuelled by a steady stream of prescription drugs and alcohol. One night, Eli's last remaining "big client" Cary Launer (Ryan O'Neal) entreats him to take care of his latest publicity mess—a dangerous liaison with a hard-shelled, quick-tongued television actress with a soft centre and a taste for illegal drugs (Téa Leoni). The television actress takes him to a drug- and-sex den, a playground for the rich and famous, where she claims to be looking for a toy.

The television actress is escorted off the premises by security, she asks them "where is my toy?", then she realises she has found it. She tells the guards " I got all of you now". Eli is too stoned to understand the exchange. EWli takes her back to the Hotel room, where he takes more pills and passes out right after witnessing the actress' murder.

Back in her room, Eli seems to see something he shouldn't, but in his opiate daze he cannot be sure. By the next morning, the memory is buried. He needs to pull together his benefit, but his work is interrupted by the Police who question him. Eli finally realizes he is involved in something he shouldn't be involved with, and powerful forces are at play to keep his mouth shut.

As he strives to bring together the people he knows—members of the Black and Jewish communities, film stars and media—for the grand fundraiser, it becomes clear that dangerous forces are in play. But will the increasingly befuddled Eli be able to stay ahead of the game? Will Eli exploit the secret and continue his downward spiral into decadence or will he use the opportunity to change?


Al Pacino
Kim Basinger
Ryan O'Neal
Téa Leoni
Richard Schiff
Bill Nunn
Robert Klein
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