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A naïve young man. A lovelorn artist. A corruptible Lord. A deal with the Devil. It all paints a dark picture of a Victorian London and how the rich and infamous party at their peril. Here, the telling of time and its consequence of experience for life's treasures' takes its toll on the body, mind and soul. The haunting and bleak tale of power, greed, vanity and inevitable self-destruction is ever present amongst the deceit, opium dens and sin. Written by Cinema_Fan

Fresh-faced and innocent, Dorian Gray arrives in London to move into the house he has inherited. Almost immediately he falls under the influence of amoral and calculating Lord Henry Wotton, leading to a life of increasing debauchery and even violence. Through many years Gray stays as young-looking as ever, while a portrait painted when he arrived grows old, reflecting his increasing excesses. Eventually the picture, now secreted in his attic, becomes almost hideous to behold. When true love finally enters his life he realises he must guard his secret at all costs. Written by Jeremy Perkins {}


Ben Barnes ... Dorian Gray
Colin Firth ... Lord Henry Wotton
Rachel Hurd-Wood ... Sybil Vane
Rebecca Hall ... Emily Wotton
Emilia Fox ... Lady Victoria Wotton
Ben Chaplin ... Basil Hallward
Caroline Goodall ... Lady Radly
Fiona Shaw ... Agatha
Maryam d'Abo ... Gladys
Douglas Henshall ... Alan Campbell
Johnny Harris ... James Vane
Michael Culkin ... Lord Radley
Jo Woodcock ... Celia Radley
Pip Torrens ... Victor
David Sterne ... The Theatre Manager
Max Irons
Hugh Ross ... Priest
Lily Garrett ... Young Emily Wotton
Tallulah Sheffield ... Caroline Bennett
Louise Rose ... Angelique
Aewia Huillet ... Elisa
Noli McCool ... Jj
Paul Warren ... Tea Wagon Owner
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