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City Hall is a 1996 film directed by Harold Becker. Al Pacino and John Cusack star as a Mayor of New York and his idealistic deputy mayor.
The plot follows the aftermath of the death of a boy caught in the crossfire of a shootout between a drug dealer and a detective.
According to the website, the film grossed an estimated $20 million in the U.S.

John Pappas is the mayor of New York and has far more grand ambitions, including the governor's office and the White House. His loyal deputy mayor is Kevin Calhoun, a young man from Louisiana who grew up loving politics.

One day, an off-duty police detective named Eddie Santos is ambushed by a young criminal named Tino Zapatti. They kill each other in a shootout, with a stray bullet also causing the death of an innocent small boy named James Bone.


* Al Pacino as Mayor John Pappas
* John Cusack as Kevin Calhoun
* Danny Aiello as Frank Anselmo
* Bridget Fonda as Marybeth Cogan
* Tony Franciosa as Paul Zapatti
* Martin Landau as Judge Walter Stern
* David Paymer as Abe Goodman
* Richard Schiff as Larry Schwartz
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