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A Belgian criminal, Albert Vandenbosh, wanted all over Europe for his crimes, is in the custody of the Police Department of Marseille to be watched for a few hours before transfer to a prison in Congo. Unfortunately Émilien (Frédéric Diefenthal) is tricked by the villain, who claims to be Eugene Triboulet a bank accountant, and convinced to let the prisoner go. After these events he's fired but luckily for him his friend Daniel (Samy Naceri) helps him one more time telling him the location where the criminal is located, having been the taxi driver who drove him after he left the police station, not knowing he was a criminal. After this Émilien gets his old job back by telling the commissioner where to retrieve the criminal. CRS (a french equivalent of the SWAT) storm into his mansion by catapulting themselves over the outer wall. The comissionners catapult however is overpowered and he ends up flying high and crashing through the roof to land in a pile of cocaïne. The following seems to be in reference to the Scarface movie as, in a cocaïne fuelled rage, the comissionner assaults the villains with two large machine guns. He then starts firing from up on a balcony at his own men who cower under his fire. The villain is then captured and taken to jail.

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