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Quentin, a dim-witted small-time thief, holds up a foreign exchange booth. Unable to get the money he wants, he asks for directions to the nearest bank. When the police are given this tip-off, Quentin runs into a cinemaIce Age is showing. He is caught when instead of cotinuing to run, he sits down and enjoys the film. Ruby, a henchman of the crime lord Vogel, is thrown into a jail after getting caught hiding his stolen loot. The two criminals meet after Quentin, an intolerable extrovert, drives mad two other inmates, is put in with him. After an uninteresting conversation, they are parted again, with Ruby faking suicide to get out. Quentin follows, and ends up in the bed next to Ruby in the infirmary. Ruby manages to bribe the psychiatrist (who also works for Vogel) into helping him escape the prison. Quentin, however, seems to have struck up a one-sided friendship with Ruby and makes his own botched attempt at escape with help from a drunken long-time friend driving a crane. Ruby is unable to get rid of Quentin, and they both go through many adventures (Including robbing a diminutive horse trainer's house, exchanging clothing with two impertinent youths, and fixing Ruby's shoulder with a breaking chair) in pursuit of his former partners in crime

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