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Chon Wang (Jackie Chan) is an imperial guard of China. After Princess Pei-Pei (Lucy Liu), who Wang has affection for, is abducted by Calvin Andrews (Jason Connery) and taken to the United States, the Emperor of China sends three of his bravest guards to retrieve her. Wang is not among one of the three, but after he tells them that it was his fault the princess was kidnapped, he is sent merely in the hopes that the "foreign devils" would get rid of Wang for China. In Nevada, Roy O'Bannon (Owen Wilson) is an outlaw who, with his gang, hijacks the train Wang is on. When Wallace (Walton Goggins), a member of Roy's gang, kills Wang's uncle, Wang chases the outlaws down. However, the gang is well-armed and Wang's only choice is to unhinge the cars and get away on the engine. In the process, Wallace takes over the gang from Roy, and they leave him buried up to his chin in the desert sand.

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