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Set in New York City, veteran thief Keith Ripley (Freeman) recruits younger crook Gabriel Martin (Banderas) to help him pull off one final job in order to repay his debt to the Russian mob, who had killed his previous partner, Victor Korolenko, over the debt before they could complete the plan. Martin is unsure of Ripley, but Ripley's goddaughter, Alexandra Korolenko (Mitchell), who is also Victor's daughter, convinces him other wise, although Ripley doesn't like that the two are getting close. Ripley tells Martin the plan, that they are going to steal from a Russian Museum that has been smuggling Russian treasures into the country and bribing the NYPD with large donation and expensive equipment. The two infiltrate a party at the museum posing as cops, with Ripley as Lt. Weber (Forster), a cop who has a particular vendetta against Ripley, to gather information about their vault.

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