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Bobby Saint and Micky Duka meet with their contact, Otto Krieg, during an arms deal in Tampa, but the FBI intervenes and Bobby and Otto are supposedly killed and Micky is taken to prison. It is revealed that Otto Krieg was an FBI agent and ex-Delta Force soldier named Frank Castle, who was shot by an agent using blanks. Shortly thereafter, Frank celebrates a retirement party with his friends and heads home. Bobby Saint is revealed to be the son of the powerful mob boss, Howard Saint, who is enraged by the death of his son and attempts to kill Micky. Instead, Howard and his associate, Quentin Glass, bribe the FBI for confidential information about Otto Krieg and find his true identity. At Bobby's funeral, Howard learns Frank is at a family reunion in Puerto Rico and will be heading for London soon. Howard and his wife, Livia, decide to murder Frank and his entire family as well.

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