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The boy who would come to be named Ghost was with a group of Viking colonizers who planned to exterminate the local population. Their longboat was shipwrecked, leaving Ghost as the traumatized sole survivor. A native woman finds Ghost in the wreckage and adopts him as her own son.

Years later, Ghost remains tormented by his dreams, which along with his different appearance, interfere with his ability to fully assimilate into the community. He has feelings for a young woman from an allied tribe named Starfire, the daughter of Pathfinder, a man searching for a worthy successor.

Later, while hunting and gathering with the group, a young girl from Ghost's tribe wanders off, encounters a Viking scouting party and is attacked. She escapes back to the village, but is followed by the Vikings. They raze the village and slaughter nearly everyone, except a few men whom they want to murder individually in "duels".

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