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Michael Sullivan, Sr. (Tom Hanks) is a mob enforcer for John Rooney (Paul Newman), an Irish American organized crime boss in Illinois during the Great Depression and the Al Capone mob-rule era. Sullivan is an orphan raised by Rooney who has worked most of his life for the crime boss, who looks at Sullivan as a second son.

Rooney's actual son Connor (Daniel Craig), joined by Sullivan, goes to a warehouse for a meeting with Finn McGovern (Ciarán Hinds), a disgruntled employee. Twelve-year-old Michael Sullivan, Jr. (Tyler Hoechlin) hides in his father's car and witnesses Connor's impulsive killing of McGovern.

Sullivan swears his son to secrecy, but Connor decides to hush these witnesses forever. He ruthlessly murders Sullivan's wife Annie (Jennifer Jason Leigh) and the couple's younger son Peter (Liam Aiken), mistakenly thinking he has murdered young Michael. Sullivan and his remaining son flee to Chicago.

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