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Long-time friends; Bacon, Soap, Tom and Eddie decide to put together £100,000 to play three card brag against Harry "The Hatchet" Lonsdale, a porn king of notorious disposition, in a high-stakes card game in the hopes of winning easy money. Aided by Barry "the Baptist", Harry's personal bodyguard and trusted counsel, the game is fixed so that Eddie, the card shark representing the group, loses to Harry and is forced to pay a £500,000 debt within one week, citing the loss of fingers and Eddie's father's bar if he fails to pay. To Eddie's fortune, and the dismay of his friends, all four of the group are tasked with honouring this debt, as they were all responsible for fronting the stake money. Harry’s loyal and violent debt collector, Big Chris—who often brings his son and apprentice, Little Chris, to his work—is assigned to collect the payment on the due date.

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