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Cameron Poe (Cage), an honorably discharged United States Army Ranger is paroled after serving eight years for killing a drunken man in a bar brawl while defending his wife Tricia (Potter) and unborn daughter Casey (Allbright). While still under the penal system until his release in Alabama, Poe is to be flown back on the "Jailbird", a C-123 airplane, along with several other prisoners that are being transferred to a new Supermax prison. Drug Enforcement Administration agent Duncan Malloy (Meaney) approaches the U.S. Marshal in charge of the transfer, Vince Larkin (Cusack), and requests he slip undercover agent Willie Sims on board to coax information out of the drug lord Fransico Cindino (Borrego) during the flight before his incarceration. Larkin reluctantly agrees on the condition that Sims doesn't carry a weapon, but Malloy manages to slip a gun to Sims before boarding.

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